As with the arrival, there's nothing fancy to their exit—Madison finishes his goodbyes, and goes to stand with Lucifer; one moment they are there, and then they're both gone.

You're left with Tristan and the others, and a lot of leftover pizza. Since Maon's summoning was expected to cover through March 15 as a whole, if there's things you want to do in New York while here—meet up with anyone, follow up on anything, go shopping (Siana) or visit famous old haunted places (Bakura), that's all doable for the day before you leave.

Or, you know, you can sit in and be sad and eat lukewarm pizza and talk with those still here. That's a reasonable option too, under the circumstances. Probably nobody else is going to come to try to murder you within the next 24 hours, though Kieran, Robin, and Fon are going to have to look at packing up soon.
[Maon has gone missing. There is a small group still investigating the hospital, but for the rest of you . . .]
Current Time: 10:30PM Friday March 14 EST through to the early morning of March 15

Some of you are staying in the townhouse, some of you are heading for the hospital, and others . . . well, we'll see, won't we?
The evening has worn on during discussion—the clock shows around 8:30PM. A knock at the door causes some brief excitement, though it turns out to just be Shuri, who had been invited by Madison to come visit for unspecified reasons somewhat earlier (more than fifteen minutes late, with no Starbucks, and straight from the airport).

More importantly (sorry Shuri), as Sera mentioned, she has been in contact with Michael's former host by email, and Kieran is setting up his laptop so you can talk to her a little more—to figure out if there's anything she knew that could help with the current situation.
It's . . . not a typical summoning.

The feel of the magic is a little different. How? Just unfamiliar—not bad, but different. And the room you wake up in is . . . well, unremarkable in a lot of ways. It's not a dark and gloomy hospital basement, or a Victorian mansion, or a sunny beach. Rather, you find yourselves (after what can only be described as a bumpy ride, in what looks like somebody's den, with bookshelves, a television, more bookshelves, video game consoles, and a really really nice couch.

On which there is someone, wearing a hoodie, apparently completely passed out.

There's also two others here that . . . seem to be less confused. One of them is kneeling on the floor with blood up to his elbows; there is a girl next to him in a wheelchair, chin in her hands, just sighing.

"Careful you don't get any of that on the carpet . . ."

"Tis alricht, ah put down plastic bags!"

"Classy . . ."
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Dates: March 14th, 15th & 16th
Times: 5PST to 10PST on Friday, 1PST to 5PST and 6PST to 9PST Saturday, then 1PST to 5PST on Sunday~

Please comment here with your character name, email address, and any significant times you won't be available! As usual, if you're going to be missing mmmmost of the times, you may want to consider the next game ♥

For those that have played more than one character and want to know who to choose, this game is not Mayfair-Bellcourt-centric, so make of that what you will. THEY ARE ON THEIR HONEYMOONS. SHURI CAN DITCH FOR PLOT IF HE WANTS THOUGH. HE JUST MAY NEVER GET LAID AGAIN.


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