Well, Asmodeus and the good doctor go into a closet for a bit of one-on-one discussion, and Lucia pulls her hair, and David tries to stop blushing and having daddy issues, and soon enough things settle down a bit. The ghosts move back out of Shuri and start ghosting around a little again, though it seems unlikely that they'll stay in Lucia's house (sorry Kazuki and David, your privacy's limited). Kano, Kido, and Fon can also wander back here when they like as well.

And things seem to have wound down. For the time you have here, you can do what you want— Lucia's getting food in (and Fon will probably show up with pizza), and Mr. Sidney is serving tea, and really, didn't everything work out for the best?

. . . "for now," of course. But that's sort of always the way.

[OOC: Feel free to thread in the Epilogue forever! Jump NPCs, make your own threads, let us know if you want someone specific who doesn't have a top thread. You can also call other people/etc, but of course ping us if you do. Thank you for playing, we had a blast running it for you! Next game will be September 6-8 and will be our fourth anniversary! We will put up initial signups shortly.]
The way out of the tunnels is, of course, much easier than going in—that's the way it always works with cutscenes.

It's an awkward enough trip back, but as Lucia leads everyone into the living room, it gets, well—

"Alright, um, I guess, Mr. Sidney, you can do whatever you like in terms of settling in again and—everyone else, we can—why is there a hobo on my couch?"
Maon leaves the tunnels at a pretty quick pace—he doesn't seem inclined to shake anybody following him, but they'd better keep up. He doesn't stop until he's well outside, spreading his arms out and spinning around, tilting his head up to the sunrise and laughing.

"Jings, wasn't that excitin? Ah didnae expect it ta git that intense."
There is a sound like a harp being struck. Not a pretty harp swipe, but a crashing-off-a-truck noise. With at least one person touching each of the four sigils, they are all lit up with colour—and the center of the Seal seems to suck in on itself like a collapsing vacuum.

Everyone finds themselves back in their bodies in the underground cavern, dizzy and disoriented—especially those who had been touching the seals. Itachi (and anyone at his seal that had been touching it) is unable to see; Silver & Shuri (and any others touching it) briefly lose consciousness; Banjou is extremely disoriented and confused (he hurt himself in his confusion . . .) and Juri has lost her sense of touch.

. . . of course, there is also the fact that there is something well and truly awful in the room—an oppressive, encompassing sense of sickening lust and something worse than that; it's not so much that you can sense what it is so much that you instinctively react to it, want and terror, like you can't quite take it in. You see something in front of you, but you can't comprehend what you're seeing; you hear a sound but can't remember moments later what it was, something is touching you and your body can't interpret the sensation—

And then it suddenly coalesces, sucking in on itself and forming into a shape that you can interpret again: a tall, handsome man with light brown skin, long black hair held back in a thick and elegant braid, wearing a nice, tailed suit. His eyes are a pale, almost impossible green.

He checks his pocketwatch. "Good morning," he says cordially.
When the darkness lifts, you find yourselves suspended in some sort of limbo. There is a vast black sky above and below, dotted with stars, enough to cause a heady sense of vertigo. There appears to be a platform beneath your feet—unsteady, glass, stretching out for a significant ways. It's massive—you're standing right at the edge, with a drop into inky blackness behind you. Thin lines of energy run through it like cracks, bright, loopy lettering that joins together in a chainlike fashion.

Straight ahead, you can make out a central pulse of energy, something dark and doubling in on itself. You can make your way to the energy at center of the platform, or follow the bright lettering around the edges, along the circumference of the circle.

You'll also note that both you and the others around you appear . . . different. Rather than your physical bodies, you're seeing each other as you would in spirit, as it were—though, for some of you, it may be slightly contained (so as not to break any humans). How you would look to someone who can see everything that you are . . .

You emerge from a tunnel into a large circular chamber. Other tunnels lead off from here, five or six of them, at least two extras which have collapsed and are a pile of rubble, but those other tunnels don't seem too important, given that there's a large stone set up in the center like an altar -- smaller stones laid around like seats. On the center is a mark, which actually glows faintly in the darkness:

Holyrood Abbey! Now here is a sense of history: Ruins. Time has had its toll on the abbey though it is clear that in recent years steps have been taken to preserve what's left.

It's large, but it's also open-air and run-down.

Your trip takes you into Holyrood Park, where St. Margaret's Well is. The tall hill nearby leads to King Arthur's Seat, which overlooks the nearby land, and further into the park is St. Margaret's Loch. It's easy to see why the well might have a sense of potential hidden entrances to it as soon as you look at the wellhouse as pictured above...

Edinburgh's pride and joy, Edinburgh Castle! After a long trip up Castle Hill on foot, you can make your way into ...the parking lot.

But it's a royal parking lot! Full of history!
David and Lucia's phones have beeped, signalling that it's time to meet up, share information, and decide if they should go elsewhere.

So there's a group of you on a city street chilling out—catch up, share information and theories, let Kido recover from the shock, etc.

[OOC: The game will resume tomorrow at 2 PM PST!]

You enter an area much like the above, but for the total darkness. The only lights down here seem to be the lit up exit sign over the stairs you came down. Also, for some reason, there's torture devices set up in the starting room.

The tunnels lead on deeper...

"Well," Lucia says, looking at Shuri briefly (or is it Bastien?), "Let's grab whatever devices we want to carry and start this thing. Let's find some ghosts!"

You enter an area much like the above, but for the total darkness. There ARE lights against the walls, which you can somewhat see with your flashlights or low-light vision devices, but they're currently off.

The tunnels lead on deeper . . .

"Alright," David says, shoving his hands in his pockets as he sets down his weighty briefcase. "Let's take a moment to regroup and go over, er, the game plan. Actually, you guys talk—I need to do a little ghost work myself," he says apologetically. "And then we'll get things rolling."
After you have had time to rest (or research or read or eat or party as you see fit) and it's well into the next day and moving on towards evening, Lucia calls you all to the big room through the inventive method of yelling "GUYYYYYS" until people show up. The ghosts and David are already there, looking a bit pained at all the yelling.

"Okay," she says, once everyone is in and she has stopped shrieking, putting a map down on the table:

"The place I'd like us to start with tonight is the Edinburgh South Bridge Vaults. It actually contains two vault systems which are separate, one on either side of the South Bridge. One is the "Niddry street vaults", and the other are the Blair Street vaults. Both of them were huge vaults divided into smaller rooms and were used for housing and stores in the underground city. They're dark, they're haunted, and we have to go and look for a sealed demon lord and/or for any ghosts who might help us narrow down any place they've noticed a seal. So, you know, what I like to call a fun time!" For some reason she's seeming agitated, visibly upset. "To save time, but avoid anyone going in alone, we should split into two groups. David and Kit will lead one, and that asshole and I will lead the other. Questions at this stage?"
"Well, that all aside," Lucia says, "It's too late at night to start anything now, so let's get some rest. there's food too, if you want it. Sleep in since we'll be up late tomorrow, and when people are up again we can do whatever remaining research or preparation we need before starting out tomorrow."

The house is yours to explore (but note that there are demons on the premises should you be afraid of, say, hell hounds). There's food in the kitchen—enough for all of you, if it's needed, and if you want something else your hosts can be called on to order in. There's bedrooms throughout; the place is big. There are phones and a computer lab if there's anyone you need to call or anything you need to look up (but it may be best to keep the info here on the downlow—and your hosts will have made a request to that effect). There's a library if you want to read the night away instead Hi Leo.

[OOC: Here is a post so you can thread among yourself if you want to until we start up again tomorrow. We may throw NPCs in randomly or if wanted in a thread/to clarify setting but we're not guaranteed to be around until tomorrow night. o//]
For those who've done it before, being summoned between worlds is always a little unnerving and disorienting, but today takes the cake. It's not so much that it's nauseating (it isn't) or dizzying (it isn't) as that it came with an intense feeling of something wrong, like when you snap awake from a nightmare and don't know where you are, and a lurch like a hypnic jerk, heart-pounding . . .

You hear two voices, one male, one female.

"—Sure it's a good idea? I mean, Cherry isn't exactly . . . you know . . ."

"Look, the Crow may only be able to spy on my approximate location, not see what I'm doing, but I still don't want to risk an un-cleared dimensional crossing and giving them MORE ammunition to pull me in on. Having one of my demons do it at my 'suggestion' is way safer."

"Saaafer, right."

. . . As your confusion clears you find yourself in what appears to be a fairly nice living room with the furniture moved to the sides and a big pentagram drawn on the floor with a bunch of weird symbols around it. An androgynous youth in a baggy hoodie and jeans, whose rare bits of visible flesh appear to be held on entirely by embedded zippers, is staring at you with interest, forked tongue flickering.

The two who were discussing—a tall blond young man in his early twenties with untidy hair, leaning on a cane; and a pink-haired girl in her late teens, wearing a ruffled mini dress—notice you immediately. Others are here as well: Shuri Oak and Naruse Kazuki settled in like they belong here, Robin Sena and Itachi Uchiha with bags at their feet (and under their eyes, but what else is new) as if they only just got here themselves not long before you were summoned.

"Hi," the girl says. "Wow, Shuri wasn't kidding, you really ARE mostly new."
It's that time again! (Woah, so fast . . .)

Preliminary July sign-ups were here. Feel free to sign up in this post and/or change things even if you didn't sign up there!

This game is (in a few words) a ghost-heavy exploration party with the Mayfair-Bellcourts. This is a longer game than last one! However, it should also be much easier to break people off in groups, so if you need to sit out a slot then it should be fine. We've noted the days that we would prefer everyone be available/together—tl;dr the first slot and the last two slots are the key ones.

Wednesday, July 17 (6:30PM PST to 10:30 PM PST)
Introduction! If you can't stay until the end of the night that's fine :B but it'd be aces if everybody could show up for a couple hours, early or late (we can also sneak people in on Thursday).

Thursday, July 18 (6:30PM PST to 10:30 PM PST)

Friday, July 19 (4PM PST to 8PM PST)
We should be able to split people up for this one, so if you're not off work by then/have other things going on it's OK! Please just let us know so we can arrange the groups accordingly.

Saturday, July 20 (2PM PST to 6PM PST, 7PM PST to 11PM PST)
Look, we built in a dinner break. Both slots on Saturday are important, but especially the later one.

Sunday, July 21 (4PM PST to 8PM PST) followed by endgame
As always, the last slot will be important ♥

Please comment below under each time heading so we know your availability for each! (It's helpful if you put your character name in the subject line!) If you're not able to make it for many/most of them, we'll talk to you about writing an alternate plotline, figuring an out, or possibly sitting this one out if the timing doesn't work! Spoilers: next game is in September.

Let us know if you have any questions ♥ Remember to join #deadgaysatanists and either follow "demonverse" on Plurk or track this comm for updates!