Eventually, the party winds down, and Zoey ushers everyone into the magic circle to be sent back. The Bellcourts et al gather around to see them off. Magic happens, and...


"Two of you, this time?" She doesn't sound pleased. "Something's really messed up here!"
Late that night, Tristan seeks out Zoey.
Lucia claps her hands sharply. "Okay! I. I guess we'll have a party? Let's have a party! I will order pizza?? We can hang out? It'll be great! I guess.


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Just in case people bone in the epilogue hi Tristan.
Not that long after everyone reassembled at Lucia's house, you hear loud barking from outside. A moment later, a busty, kind of rattily-dressed girl bursts in, going immediately to Lucia's side to report something.

"Let's go," Lucia gestures to everyone, then plants her hands on her hips. "The Crow are here, and I'm not letting any more of them inside if I don't have to . . ."
[Team Orchid, when you get back to the car, Zoey lets you know that Lucia wants to meet back up to share information and findings.]

[Team House Exploration, shortly after you read the papers, you get a call from Lucia that she wants to meet up back up to share information and findings. A Crow definitely tries to come back with you and you might as well take him since you all just know he'll just follow overhead if you don't.]

[Team Lucia House IS ALREADY HERE]

[Team Office Exploration is... gonna get a call but is still investigating so yes]


So. First, let's all tell everyone what we've learned and discuss it. Then let's put out any theories we have and try to figure out what we can learn from it.
[You are in... some kind of Doctor's office. It is warm to hot, with no AC. You may find yourself sprawled across the sink counter, the examination bed/bench thing, or on the floor]

[There is a girl here of fifteen or sixteen, wearing a jacket despite the heat, and looking very sharp-eyed]

[She is also covered in chalk and chalk drawings are covering most of the walls and floor in strange symbols and lines and curves. Candles are set in the four corners of the room]

"Well, what have we here?" She has a strong London accent.
"I'm driving," says Tristan. "Just saying. So who's riding in the trunk?"
Lucia lets out a sigh when only Team Stay At Home is there.

"Right, guys. I've got computers, spellbooks, and easy access to a more advanced satanist, where should we start with researching this?"
[Zoey borrows a car from Lucia and ushers you all into it, playing this very loudly and singing and bouncing along with it as she drives you all to...

The Lothian and Borders Police station, Edinburgh Division]
"I can get one of the demons to drive us most of the way," says David, as their group splits off from the others. "Unfortunately," he adds dryly, "and for obvious reasons, I can't drive us."
It happens this time like it's happened many times before (for some of you, at least)—you wake up after having not remembered going to sleep, in an unfamiliar location, with both familiar and unfamiliar people.

This time, at least, you're not in a creepy basement—though it's still dark (sorry, Itachi). You're outside—and at least, there is a heavy full moon bright in the sky, illuminating the area: a small, grassy clearing, surrounded by trees. And, you know, what appear to be candles and demonic glowing sigils but one can't have everything. Enjoy your flowers while you've got them.

There are five people that don't look disoriented, and are in fact standing outside the circle—one brunette and four possibly familiar blonds. Zoey and Tristan look basically the same as you might remember them, but the others look . . . older? And David is standing, though he's resting his weight heavily on a cane.

"It's about time! God . . ." Lucia smacks Shuri on the arm, for no apparent reason.

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Our utmost apologies for the long delay, and now, the short notice! The next Demonverse session will be on June 30th & July 1st (Saturday/Sunday) for Haru's birthday weekend~ with some carryover and wrapup on the Monday. Just a short game, but we will hopefully not wait . . . six months . . . to run the next one . . .

The timeframe we're looking at is . . . most of the afternoon and evening, with the key stuff probably starting around noon PST on both days, and the climax/wrapup stuff will probably be on Sunday around 7 or 8 PST, but you can feel free to come and go if you need to eat or do things with your lives or whatever, just as long as we know ahead of time what your timeline looks like so everyone can plan accordingly.

The game will PROBABLY be running on IRC this round. If there are significant objections to this we can run a journal game, but because of the short timeframe, this will probably be easier! Because of this, we would like it if players are around more-or-less consistently or predictably, so please keep that in mind!

If you're new to the game, please check out the FAQ here and feel free to ask us any questions! We'll accept any characters currently played in CFUD/Aather/Thusia/Sabra/EC/etc, and dropped characters that have previously played in Demonverse. If you have any questions about whether or not a character is suitable, just ask, but there's more info in the FAQ about character suitability, so check that first!

Comment below with your character name and email~ ♥ As always, we look forward to having you~

Congratulations everybody, I decided against putting this all in code!