A darkness fills the room as everyone vanishes, as usual...



"Shuri, why are you still here?!"
That little diversion aside, with no sign of reoccurring, a few hours pass with the group together and Zoey is humming as she gathers materials for the magic circle in the basement.

There's still time before midnight to have whatever moments with everyone else you like before going home, but you can feel in the air that it'll be soon.

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Lucia is in hot debate with Zoey about whether or not there's enough time left to go to Disneyland before everyone has to go home (unfortunately, the answer seems to be no, not with an hour drive both ways and everyone needing to be out by midnight, and Zoey recommends that maybe if they spent less time cry wolfing it would have been doable, but things being as they are maaaaybe they could just hang out together and watch a movie or something??) when suddenly--

Bastien, who had been leaning against a wall reading a book, abruptly flickers out of sight, book dropping. A light overhead explodes, showering glass everywhere -- this seems to be a problem lately -- and then he flickers back into sight again, eyes flashing bright blue as the air briefly crackles with power and then disperses.

"Well," he announces. "That wasn't pleasant at all. Check your wards, Lucia Bellcourt."

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Attention, attention!

1. We will be moving to Dreamwidth after this game!

We will update this journal, as well as Plurk, etc to let you guys know when that happens and when everything is up to date. Hopefully everything will port over nicely '^' Mmmmore details after this game is finished and we wrap up all of our outstanding business here.

2. Character options!

A few people have asked us what their options are for a) having a character they don't want to keep folding their CFUD/Aather/Sabra development into their Demonverse play but instead start keeping a separate AU split in demonverse or b) playing a character who is dead in canon, after they drop from their game, given that some of these characters will want to go home even if it means being dead and thus calling them from 'home' (as we have been with the drops who play so far) would be pretty tough. And/or any other reasons you'd like to think of something different for!

As a whole we would prefer to do the "at the end of a game, you go back to CFUD/Sabra/Aather" thing, just because it's harder to integrate large groups of players into a game in media res if they're all over the map, so we'd like to keep the exceptions at a fairly low number, at least until we get the hang of how to do it! But we also don't want your sense of fun to be impacted, because that is really why we're doing all this, so if you have a strong preference for some kind of work-around, feel free to talk to us at any time and we will be happy to work it into the game.

Here are some options we have thought of off the top of our heads, and if none of them work for you, surely there will be more we can brainstorm together after we've actually sat down to think things through more:

- NOT DROPPED -- AU SPLIT LIVES IN DEMONVERSE: At the end of the game, your character "stays in Demonverse!" Obviously you are also still playing them in (Camp/Aather/Sabra) but much like the fact your RP self in CFUD is split from your canon self (thus people from home could have seen you at home while you were in camp or whatever), your Demonverse self "has stayed here" while your camp self "has been in camp the whole time". THIS IS A CONVOLUTED AND OVERLY DETAILED WAY TO SAY that Demonverse is already an AU (since there's no remembering it in your rps and so on) so in this AU your character never leaves after a game (but simultaneously you continue your 'canon rp' play as normal, outside this AU.)

- DROPPED CHARACTER DEAD IN CANON - AU SPLIT LIVES IN DEMONVERSE: go ahead and send your character to their untimely fate, but in the AU universe that includes Demonverse, they come to Demonverse after they left their last RP and stay here the whole time. (We would be happy to have a little post for this event if so).

- DROPPED CHARACTER DEAD IN CANON - PRETEND YOU NEVER DROPPED: We kidnap you from CFUD/Sabra/Aather as usual, and pretend that you were in your RP the whole time. Confusion from your fellow RPers ("Didn't you leave?" "Didn't you happy end?" "I thought the pillar got you") is met with confusion from you ("No, I was definitely in camp the whole time, I was taken away from my bowl of Tuesday soup so I know for sure" "What? I've been on Coral for months, man!" "I was drunk with Monoceros, sorry, I guess I haven't been back to my dorm for a bit...") and then quickly brushed aside or put down to a weird memory-loss quirk of dimensional travel.

- As always we are ALSO still happy to bring in dropped characters when they go home to live, or who decide to go to a different world where they can live; that's not really relevant to this issue but I didn't want to make anyone think that was no longer an option.

We're totally open to other options/suggestions if none of the above work for you and you want to go one of these routes! Again we'd like to keep starting numbers small just to make it easier to do game setup that the NPCs know but characters don't, but we also want this to be a totally viable option you are welcome to take. Your happiness is our happiness, etc ♥

Feel free to ask us for clarification or anything else you need in the comments ♥

3. An ENDGAME and EPILOGUE (the endgame with a small amount of plot, and an epilogue that's a derpy open-to-thread-forever post as you realize it's about time to go home) are going to go up tonight when we're both home from work, with a short time lag between the posts (hopefully going close together but if they don't and anyone needs to sleep, the epilogue will always be open so don't feel you have to avoid jumping late).

Thank you, we love you all, thank you for just indulging our silly Christmas but-we-want-to-play-with-people-in-Demonverse needs! We will be back to our regularly scheduled actually-having-a-real-plot antics next game. ♥ But everyone kept saying they just wanted to hang out, and we think it was great fun. ♥
The next day, Lucia invites everyone into the main room... "Hey everybody! After all this sitting around and thinking I thought everyone might want to get out and have some fun! Which is to say, laser tag! Let's all go around and harmlessly shoot each other in the dark for a bit, it's a great time also I have never got to do it before because I have no friends."

She says it totally deadpan and jerks a thumb to the door.

"Or if people want to stay home and eat and rest up sure, that's fine. Some of you are looking pretty tired. If you're having trouble sleeping, I totally have drugs that will konk you right out!"

[OOC: I will be putting up a top level comment for everyone to thread running around and shooting each other while glowing bizarrely under a blacklight if they want, and people can also comment to the main post if they want to stay back, talk to NPCs, etc (just let us know if you want anyone in particular). In fact, you can comment in both places if you want and just assume one happened before or after the other!

We will also be having a couple of small plot hook events going up at whatever times through the rest of tonight and tomorrow, but thread in those at your leisure, there is no time demand. Coming late, leaving early, w/e w/e as you see fit, picking up and backthreading and timespace bending all encouraged.]
She wasn't a wolf, you guys.

(There are santa suits for everybody, and tonight's dinner set out—it's a bunch of different types of pizza. Take out. Tristan was apparently too busy to cook tonight).
[Poll #1804345]

[ETA: HERMANA = VIOLA, ZAZZLE IS A LOSER, PASS IT ON '-' Also if you want to talk to any NPC in particular just give Zazzle or Haru a holler in IRC! ♥ Ousted are welcome to talk to anyone and hang out in the post but they cannot talk about game related things at all and ousted/eaten people cannot help with clues!]
You find yourself (???) in the basement again! Though it appears to have been set up quite nicely now, all the furniture and such back in place. There are several doors towards the back and a hallway leading deeper under the mansion, where you will find bedrooms as well. There are televisions, a pool table, etc, etc . . . all the comforts of upstairs! Just, with an extra little bit of banishment.

[Poll #1804118]
[There are bedrooms prepared for everyone, if you go looking! You can also explore anywhere else in the house: just let us know in the subject line oh wait those are disappearing if you're looking to go anywhere in particular and/or want NPCs. Anybody that's been ousted will have their own private post go up just after this o7]
There is a room that you can somehow access—maybe behind a bookshelf or something—that, due to the laws of gamerunning, you are able to access secretly and discuss things with fellow wolves without being discovered by the other players! Ooh, la.
You are all called into the dining room at around six o'clock. Dinner is set out—fancy chicken, various types of fish, salad, and a dish labelled "for Sera ♥" (it's currently covered).

Over dinner, Lucia explains the rules of Cry Wolf:

". . . so, every day you guys can vote in the suspicion poll by going on any of the computers! Only one vote per team, alright? And a couple hours or so before midnight, we'll tally up the votes, and do an ousting poll, so everybody votes between the two teams with the most suspicion votes. When people are "eaten" by the wolves at night, we'll just move them to another part of the mansion! The sheep will win if they find all the wolves before three sheep teams are ousted. Otherwise, the wolves win. That's all. So, any questions?"

The suspicion poll is available if you log on to any computer to cast your votes:

[Poll #1804059]

[The ousting will go up at 10PM EST/7PM PST every night! That's about five hours from now. ♥ If you have any questions OOCly, feel free to ask us! We didn't go into a super lot of detail because most of you do already know how to play. ICly you can assume that Lucia explained it in detail including some of the information from the rules, there, that we didn't transcribe. ♥ The wolves will get emails in a few minutes letting them know that they're wolves; everyone else is a sheep. You can make private posts in your journals and just assume that somehow people are having private conversations.]
Following Lucia's announcement, everyone is led upstairs into the house proper! If by house we really mean . . . sprawling mansion. Which we do.

You're free to do whatever you like and go wherever you like! (If you require further description of rooms and/or need feedback from Haru or Zazzle, just ask us in #deadgaysatanists if we're around!)

[The CFUW game will be set up on early Sunday afternoon (~2PST) with the first ousting at ~7PST!]
You may or may not remember having fallen asleep, but you do find yourself waking up in a place that . . . definitely wasn't where you remember being before! On the bright side, while it does appear to be a spacious basement, it isn't dark, and it isn't empty. There are throw rugs, couches, lamps, and so on—though most of the furniture (including a pool table and a large television . . .?) have been apparently pushed to the side to make room for a large sigil drawn in chalk on the hardwood floor.

There are a couple dozen people here with you, familiar and unfamiliar, including a pair of siblings sitting together in the center of the sigil (one on the floor, one in a wheelchair).

"That was a little more effective than I think you intended . . ."