Day One

In which Anise and Kenny wake up in a creepy hospital and there are a lot of demons.
In which Fon, Kazuki, Okita, and Yuuki are Team Super Subtle and meet Nurse Sexy.
In which Rita, Robin, Crow, Elliot, and Anise steal coffee from a breakroom and look for codes.
In which Shuri, Konatsu, Itachi, and Yuki wake up in a hostel with a narcoleptic Italian, and Yuki gets jealous.
In which Sera, Raidou, and Banjou find themselves in a graveyard with a bawwwing ghost, and there is even more texting.

Day Two

In which a convenience store is not robbed, and they don't get clothes for Okita at a sex shop.
In which Elliot, Crow, and Robin leave the hospital and look for graveyards.
In which cupcakes are better than pacts, there is a phone call, and an important hospital visit.
In which there is more communing with ghosts, and Raidou looks for beetles.
In which oh god sex demons and a celestial war get back in the car.
In which Shuri, Sera, and Banjou talk to Lucia Bellcourt, who doesn't look best in red.
In which there is a truck, and Ling Xe totally knows you're vampires, but just wants your candy.
In which there is a demonologist at Denny's at 3AM, and a dick-waving contest over jalapenos.

Day Three

In which Anise and Rita make a daring escape, and there are puppies.
In which Kaname and Tristan discuss politics and get naked. NSFW
In which there is a demonic compendium and we finally leave Denny's.
In which Itachi, Yuki, and Konatsu talk to David, and there is some pretty spectacular bro bonding.
In which there is homosexuality, codes, Disney Princess Elliot, and this turns into a Hitchcock film.
In which Ling Xe and Kincade have the safest and most excellently unsuspicious vehicle.
In which Lucia is the undisputed queen of social awkwardness.
In which social awkwardness somehow reaches new and unfortold heights.
In which Banjou and Kincade fuck off and learn to use the lever principle.
In which there is a graveyard, reunions, and some extremely awkward flirting.
In which Fon and Tristan fuck off. NSFW

Day Four, Act I

In which hello hello hello hello hello, and the problem with crows begins.
In which there is much ado about birds, but they don't like Frappucinos.
In which there is a murder at the hostel, and you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.
In which Raidou, Rita, Okita, and Ling Xe are lovers, not fighters, or something.
In which Lucia's father doesn't get the shotgun, and things may be building, but we're not sure what.
In which Banjou and Cady find a real life Rochester in the attic.
In which Anise makes a deal with a devil.

Day Four, Finale

In which Tristan meets a crow and gives Fon his car after cuddling.
In which Team Tsundere saves Kieran from crows, and Tristan does his very best to fuck right off.
In which news of David's capture arrive, and news of Bastien's death are as always greatly exaggerated.
In which there is an impromptu trial at the hospital and BAWWWWWW.

Epilogue I and Disneyland epilogue.
David gives you all daypasses to Disneyland, as well as giving you all gift Visas loaded with $50 or so so you can get food or whatever else you might want. He also recommends that perhaps you stay with at least one person that knows how to act normal in this universe, and please, please don't attack anybody . . .

You all have plans to meet back up at the gates in the later afternoon for lunch, but until then, the day is yours.
And just as suddenly as everything had began, the demons are gone—all of them. Not a single crow feather remains. As if being sucked backwards out of a vacuum, sound and light flood into the room and the hallway, crashing down on you. You are back in the real world, with noise and physics and sunlight streaming in through the window.

You are also left with two bereft Bellcourt children, the older of which is suddenly doubling over in his wheelchair and shouting in anguish.
The hospital is eerily abandoned at this time of day—it should be bustling with activity, but an unearthly pallor and hush has descended over the area, as if, by driving into the premises, you're suddenly crossing into another world, and the other, real hospital is somewhere in the daylight, somewhere with patients and nurses and far, far fewer crows.

As it is, you can drive right up to the front doors, which are open. Two demons stand on either side of it, with feathered hair and odd-colored eyes, wearing uniforms. They won't say anything if you talk to them, though, just smile and point inside.
You head for the graveyard! Under the assumption that you have enough sense to call for a taxi, you do get there in a reasonable amount of time.

A lone crow is perched above the wiry entrance. The ground nearby is disturbed, as if there has been a fight recently. There is, however no church nearby. You can, however, find a ghost, if you're looking.
After an hour or so of dirty sex and constant talking, even Tristan's voice is a bit hoarse. But he seems pretty fucking pleased with himself as he curls up to Fon under the covers and wraps his arms around him, kissing at his neck.

"Happy?" he asks, only a little smug.
Amidst all the bickering and touching familial problems, Isobel seems to zone out for a moment, listening to the ethereal voice of . . . her bluetooth headset.

After a few moments, her eyes widen, then narrow significantly. She clears her throat, then says, without bothering to raise her voice:

"David Bellcourt has been kidnapped."
You leave the hospital and head back in the direction you remember the hostel to be.
Team tsundere remains in front of the hospital talking to a bird. At Robin's question, it cocks its head, hops from foot to foot, and informs her:

"Found you," says the feathered demon with the notebook, snapping it shut. He smiles at you too widely.
After being hit by the door on the way . . . in, you force yourself into the sealed area and find yourself in a perfectly ordinary sitting room. There are portraits on the walls, and overstuffed chairs, and a big-ass rug, and a cold fireplace.

It's all very suspicious.
Sera is on the phone, getting phoneblocked from all directions. Lucia is in front of Kaname, face in her hands, sobbing. Shuri and Yuuki are trying to escape Isobel . . .

A tall, handsome, middle-aged man with short blond hair and gray, piercing eyes is coming down them. He is slim and professional-looking, with narrow shoulders. He is wearing a labcoat over a sweater, which is over a dress shirt, and also slacks.

He surveys the chaos and says, strictly, "What is going on in here and why is my daughter crying?"
The group outside the hospital are split . . .
There is a zipper-happy snake demon and a large, hulking mass of demon in front of you, and man, this is just not your day.
Tristan leads Fon outside, down a back set of stairs, to a parking garage.

"You'll forgive me, won't you, if we don't actually go to Disneyland? It's at least an hour's drive . . . but we should leave the house right now, just in case we need to double back and rescue people later." Surprisingly honest, sometimes, that Tristan.
Cady sidles through the door with Banjou, then nudges it shut behind her. There's a hallway here with what looks like a kitchen at the end.

"So," she says quietly, but with enthusiasm, "where do you think she keeps creepy unholy shit?"
Finally, maybe, just after 7AM, two groups are meeting just outside the hospital grounds. The sun has just risen.

It's just as well. Your cellphones are probably about to die.
Some time after Isobel went downstairs to check out Pox's report, she returns, heels rapping loudly on the floors.

"There is nobody here, Miss Lucia," she says, mouth tight. "Though I did find that idiot incubus having sex with someone I found skulking in the hospital earlier this morning."