Oops, I did it again...

So when I posted log 1 I was like, man, totally not doing this for game 2, that one was nowhere near as bad to read, right.

And then I went and looked and, oh wait, it is actually WAY HUGER than the first game (34 players!!!??? Jeezy creezy! AND it ran for more days...) and even harder to read with snarls of things happening and I was like, no, I want this readable if people want to read it.

So, you know.

DEMONVERSE GAME 2 LOG - In which our players find a corpse which isn't that dead, have to help that ghost and damned man AGAIN, and have to make serious choices about a witch and her demon

Same notes apply as last time!

As before, if you want to read the original game in its LJ-tastic, icon-ful, multi-post glory, it can be found here


Ars Goetia

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