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[Game 20.5] In-Between

Those that live in Demonverse split up to go their own ways after everyone else returns to their own worlds. For those that live in Scotland, well, it's a pretty quick trip home. Everyone else gets a long-ass plane ride back to New York, but hey, at least Tristan is paying for it all.

✧ ✧ ✧

In New York, you have Sariel's house, a small two-bedroom home a couple hours away from the downtown core by bus. It's a little run down, but immaculately clean and well-kept, with a sunny kitchen and a small garden in the back. Sariel and Kano both have bedrooms upstairs (now with Madison added in), and Elluka has some privacy holed up in the den with a pull-out couch. As for where they'll put Cys, well, that's probably a topic of some discussion.

Sera's here sometimes—though she can also possess Robin or Lucia's phones, so, there's a bit of ghost timeshare going on.

✧ ✧ ✧

Tristan's townhouse, in comparison, has something like six or seven bedrooms and over four floors. A typical brownstone style, with arched windows and doors, it's a two minute walk to a restaurant district, a park, and some cute organic grocery stores. Everyone that stays there has their own bedroom, of course—there's also a few spare rooms, a jacuzzi in at least one of the bathrooms, and a pretty sizeable rec room in the basement for watching Netflix or, you know, ritual summonings, as needed. Despite being obviously way too much for any normal person to afford, Tristan favors less-ostentatious decorations—lots of books, comfortable antiques, and warm colors. It's the kind of place where you can lounge and fuck on the couches or the rooftop patio without worrying about it being weird.

Kieran, Robin, Fon, and (sometimes) Maon live in the townhouse. Itachi (and of course, Cillian) stay on-site at St. Dominic's Academy, where they teach. Sitara stays in the dormitories at her sister school—though her attendance is, these days, a little unpredictable.

✧ ✧ ✧

Back in Scotland, in Dundee, David & Kazuki's condo is more on the sleek and chrome and new side—a one-bedroom, but a pretty lavish one on the top floor. David has a home office with a lot of windows and huge monitors, though they also expand that technological flashiness to their televisions and game console's. The kitchen's also the ultra-nice type, but it's not like either of them eats anything except restaurant food or cup noodles. They just buy the expensive cup noodles.

About a ten minute drive away, Lucia and Shuri have a whole small mansion to themselves . . . and Lucia's dozens of demons. And a pair of ghosts. So. You know how that goes.

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