Ars Goetia ([personal profile] arsgoetia) wrote2017-02-18 12:05 pm
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Game 20 - Separated

After talking with the traveling group, Maon leads you some ways up the path again to regroup and talk without being overheard. You all got some information from the party—they aren't from here, they're on the move, and although of course they'd love to give up their sweet camping spot so a Daoine Sìth like Maon could help his good friend Vincent have a birthday party, unfortunately the dragon that lives in the nearby mansion hoards music and musicians, and any group here having a proper revel is likely to get snapped up.

You may have noticed that you're missing your shadow again, along with your fussbird and Elluka. Those with superhearing had heard a brief burst of hearttuggingly beautiful music box music, quickly cut off.

Oh, and now those people with superhearing are hearing a voice distant in the woods, "Were you the source of the sound we just heard? Or should we be looking further afield?"

It sounds like there's no signs of a fight. What do you try to do?

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