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Game 20 - Surrounded

Sariel, Elluka, and Cys snuck off into the woods earlier to try to take advantage of the distraction of the fairy party to get out the music boxes. Unfortunately, they were surprisingly loud—not so much that the other group could hear them, minus perhaps those with superhearing, but enough to get them in a bit of trouble.

They have barely had a chance to put the music boxes away and get Sariel's warning—someone's coming—when a group of armed guards surrounds them. They are all wearing some sort of uniform in silver and blue, but other than that, the only thing common among them is that none of them are Sith. Some are covered in leaves and mud, some are wearing blood-soaked hats with the still-wet blood trickling down their cheeks, some have no skin, veins and muscle showing. They aren't even all humanoid—you see a large green dog in a blue and silver bandanna among the lot.

What they all are is armed, however.

Sariel raises his arms immediately, palms out. Elluka looks between him and the group in a frantic what-to-do gesture and then raises their own, trying to hide mouse-Cys behind their raised arm and the fall of their hair.

"Were you the source of the sound we just heard?" one of the blood-hatted fairies asks, in a surprisingly lovely voice. "Or should we be looking further afield?"
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[ oh fuck

scoots against the back of elluka's neck, into the shadow there. i miss wolfman already ]
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[You could probably slide down their back and escape in the dark, if you want, or use their jacket to hide more efficiently]

What sound...?
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And who is Mianythoth? The Lord of that castle?

[with his usual arrogance. if you ask the questions, you don't have to answer anything]
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[ it could-- try to go back and get the others, but... it's honestly too nervous to leave. these things don't look very friendly.

digs its tiny claws into elluka's neck, not painfully, in the tiniest whisper: ]

I can fight, if you need it to escape.
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[shakes their head subtly.]
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I think you'd better answer my question. And I will most likely agree to request an audience.
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[ settles, but still tense and wary ]
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Oh. I definitely thought it was a castle. It's castlesque.

[buying time, or just like this? who knows]
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[pinches the bridge of his nose]

Please escort us. I have business with your Lord.
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I have no intention of fighting you and will gladly accompany you to your castle. Mansion. Come, Luka.

[said loudly, starting to lead the way there without waiting for . . . them]
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...Yes, master...

[turns to fall in after him. Cys, this is your last chance, you bail now or are on the ride for good, because the guard are starting to close in as an escort]
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We will come get you. Please be careful!

[ and sinking into the shadows to race back to the others ]