Ars Goetia ([personal profile] arsgoetia) wrote2017-02-16 06:05 pm
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Game 20 - Summoning

You hardly feel the change as you slip between worlds—no jolt or jerk or sudden awakening. You ease gently into a new reality, a lingering warmth on your skin.

It's a bright and sunny day—a bit nippy, mind you, hopefully you're wearing at least a light jacket—as you find yourself not in a summoning circle, but rather, in a pleasant looking field with a truly breathtaking view:

Down a rocky path, you can see a pleasant-looking three-story cottage, smoke pluming and spiralling into the crisp air from the brick chimney.

"See," says Sariel, brushing his gloved hands together and looking smugly over at Elluka, who is sitting perched on a high rock and looking bored. "I told you I could do it."

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