Ars Goetia ([personal profile] arsgoetia) wrote2017-02-14 07:22 pm

Game 20 Calling

Hello again friends ❤ Let's get this show on the road again.

New to Demonverse, or wanting to get caught up? We have some brief summaries and an introduction (and some cute art) available, as well as a full story thus far summary!

Please also hit us up on Plurk ([ profile] demonverse) if you want to get a rundown on anything, or to figure out if you want to play ❤

As always, the most important thing to remember when signing up is choose a character that will be willing to get involved with stuff. If your character is a misanthrope that will refuse to try to save the world or become friends with NPCs, it'll be a lil difficult to work with and will not MAXIMIZE FUN. Not sure if a character is well-suited? Ask and we'll be happy to suggest!

For this particular game, we'd love if everyone was available for each timeslot, but understand that's not always possible. However, please keep in mind that if you aren't OOCly around we'll have to handwave that your character was there the whole time. We can make it a little whimsical sometimes, but please make sure you're cool with that, and consider if the amount of time you'll be available is gonna be enough to be involved!

Each timeslot is about 2.5-3 hours long. We've set them at around 3 hours but may wrap up early depending on when we reach a stopping point.

Please comment to the post below with the attached helpful tiny form, and remember to follow us on Plurk.

Game Times
Thursday February 16th ❤ 6PST-9PST
Friday February 17th ❤ 6PST-9PST
Saturday February 18th ❤ Noon PST-3PST
Saturday February 18th ❤ 7PST-10PST
Sunday February 19th ❤ 1PST-4PST (& Epilogue)

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