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Game 19 - Epilogue

Much to the relief of most of the party, Belphegor quite unceremoniously takes his leave—one minute he's there, the next he's not.

Your personal belongings are returned to you—cellphones, wallets, whatever you had on you. Maon, helpfully, gathers up the items from Tsuyukusa and Bakura. Anything else stays behind in the rooms. Probably doesn't matter—it's not like this place is going to be in business much longer.

"I'm clearing out whoever's downstairs," says Tristan, in a voice that offers no room for argument. "The rest of you can meet me down there in a few minutes. After that, I'll get you home."

For some reason, nobody seems to be in a terribly good mood about all of this, but hey, questionably free grilled cheese.

. . .

When you head downstairs, you find the attached booze and grilled cheese bar, as Tristan promised, totally empty except for the serving and kitchen staff, and it's probably best not to ask questions. Cheerful pop music plays on the radio overhead, and there are several long wooden tables with a rustic sort of decor. There's also a television currently playing some sort of Sports, and a few quieter areas with some comfy chairs and maybe some board games.

If you try to leave, you'll be stopped—so just settle in and order some food for now. It's not on your tab.

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