Ars Goetia ([personal profile] arsgoetia) wrote2016-12-03 06:13 pm
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Game 19 - Endgame

You each exit your rooms and move into a narrow, brightly-lit hallway. There are thematically appropriate framed pictures on the walls: a sunken ship, a spooky ghost, a bloody murder, a creepy seance.

There's some sort of mild indie music being played on the radio, from the speakers embedded in the ceiling. In the small lobby, there's a big sign: BILL'S ADVENTURE EMPORIUM. There's several fancy-looking ferns, a table full of magazines, and red chairs for those waiting to enter. An empty blackboard is displayed, along with several rows of tiny lockers.

There is a receptionist typing disinterestedly at the front desk, and a fairly well-dressed guy leaning up against the wall, watching as you all filter in. He's in his late thirties, has tousled dark hair, an angularly handsome face edged with a perpetual five o'clock shadow, and is wearing a black suit and grey shirt—suit jacket unbuttoned, not bothering with a tie. His eyes are the only thing about him that seem put-together, sharp and alert under lazy lids.

"Hey, good job," he says. "I'll get you guys up on the blackboard, and we've got some 10% off tickets for the grilled cheese place downstairs."

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