Ars Goetia ([personal profile] arsgoetia) wrote2016-12-01 08:07 pm

Game 19 Calling

Hello friends ❤

We'll be running a short Demonverse mini-game this weekend—sort of a test drive, intermission game. Our goal is for you/us to be able to:

Play for a few hours Friday and/or Saturday
Get a feel for the general aesthetic and characters in Demonverse
Re-establish and get refreshed a little bit on the timeline and re-grounded in the world…
… before we run another full "plot" game and pick up where we left off sometime within the next month or so

Between now and the next game we'll also be getting fully caught up on plot summaries, etc, so that when we pick up for real we know what we were doing, like, two years ago.

This is a good chance to jump in if you haven't played before so you don't just get immediately rocketed off into stuff you don't understand. Or at least that's our goal. And if you can't make it or this is a bad weekend for you, it's okay, you won't miss anything dreadfully dire.

With that in mind, please fill out the form below and comment under the time header that works for you.

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