Feb. 18th, 2017

Sariel, Elluka, and Cys snuck off into the woods earlier to try to take advantage of the distraction of the fairy party to get out the music boxes. Unfortunately, they were surprisingly loud—not so much that the other group could hear them, minus perhaps those with superhearing, but enough to get them in a bit of trouble.

They have barely had a chance to put the music boxes away and get Sariel's warning—someone's coming—when a group of armed guards surrounds them. They are all wearing some sort of uniform in silver and blue, but other than that, the only thing common among them is that none of them are Sith. Some are covered in leaves and mud, some are wearing blood-soaked hats with the still-wet blood trickling down their cheeks, some have no skin, veins and muscle showing. They aren't even all humanoid—you see a large green dog in a blue and silver bandanna among the lot.

What they all are is armed, however.

Sariel raises his arms immediately, palms out. Elluka looks between him and the group in a frantic what-to-do gesture and then raises their own, trying to hide mouse-Cys behind their raised arm and the fall of their hair.

"Were you the source of the sound we just heard?" one of the blood-hatted fairies asks, in a surprisingly lovely voice. "Or should we be looking further afield?"
After talking with the traveling group, Maon leads you some ways up the path again to regroup and talk without being overheard. You all got some information from the party—they aren't from here, they're on the move, and although of course they'd love to give up their sweet camping spot so a Daoine Sìth like Maon could help his good friend Vincent have a birthday party, unfortunately the dragon that lives in the nearby mansion hoards music and musicians, and any group here having a proper revel is likely to get snapped up.

You may have noticed that you're missing your shadow again, along with your fussbird and Elluka. Those with superhearing had heard a brief burst of hearttuggingly beautiful music box music, quickly cut off.

Oh, and now those people with superhearing are hearing a voice distant in the woods, "Were you the source of the sound we just heard? Or should we be looking further afield?"

It sounds like there's no signs of a fight. What do you try to do?
You're led inside, the gates shutting behind you with a particularly resounding clang.

The interior is gorgeous, with white walls and marbled floors, gold gilt on every ornamented surface. For those who are overly sensitive to such things, it may be a slight affront as the interior is very Rococo, in contrast to the Gothic exterior. But it's still really nice.

The high, arched ceilings that pick up every sound perfectly—sorry, superhearers, the acoustics are amazing.

You are quickly shuffled off to the right, through a gold-gilted door to a slightly-less-opulent-but-still-disgustingly-rich-looking area. The redcap seems to pass some sort of security to lead through here—though it's hard to say if it's meant to keep someone in or out. Once through this door, you pass doors to rooms along the hall—a few are open and you can see that inside are medium-sized bedrooms, comfortable and well-decorated. Others are closed, as if the occupants are currently inside.

You are ushered into the door at the end. Inside is a very large, circular sitting room, with plenty of cushions and seats, a piano set up in the center next to a softly burbling pool of water. Musical instruments are displayed on accessible racks and hooks around the walls. There's also a small library of books, CDs, and vinyl in one corner, alongside a sleek black speaker system.

A set of glass doors leads outside to an enclosed area that looks to all the world like a pleasure garden, with more cushioned seats, a swing, and fountains. Several people are out there—fairies and humanoid alike—apparently oblivious to the cold weather. There are more people inside as well—probably about seven in all.

The Eastern end of the room is just completely dominated by an enormous set of doors, about twenty feet high, and twice as wide.

"Please, wait here," says the redcap(tain). "We will inform Lord Mianythoth of your arrival." All of the guards depart and leave you to your own devices—at least, for now.


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