Jan. 5th, 2015

Elluka pays for a cheap hotel with a name and face that isn't their own, claiming their friend needs a place to sleep off his drink and they want to keep an eye on him; they shudder rather thoroughly when they get up to the hotel room and shift back to their normal body.

Jamie will arrive shortly, of course, as they settle Zan in.

"He's still coming out of the effects. I'm no expert with incubi ... personally speaking... but I am with possession, and I'm guessing it'll take him about a day. You want to let him come out of the sleep on his own... trying to wake him up artificially could cause some confusion or harm, between the mesmerism and the prophecy and the rest."

Elluka hesitates, looking down at the sleeping form.

"But what do we do with him...?"


Ars Goetia

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